Volume 23 #5
The Scottish Country Dancer
March/April 2007

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  • Scottish Afternoon Celebrates Robert Burns
  • Winter Dance Potpourri
  • New Variable-Speed CD Player Makes its Debut
  • Calendar of Events
Scottish Afternoon Celebrates Robert Burns
by Tom Halpenny

The January 17 "Scottish Afternoon" at Camas Community Center was a celebration of Scotland's Poet Laureate Robert Burns' birthday and Scottish culture ... Scottish Country Dance style. More than 135 guests from the local community gathered for the Grand March and audience participation dances, with first-class entertainment by The McMulligans Bagpipe & Drum group, Scotsman Sandy MacKenzie, Hamilton Rant fiddle & guitar, and troubadour Bart Moore.

Master of Ceremonies Robert Stuart was the Grand Marshall and led the lively family program with his charming personality.

Liza Halpenny and John Shaw kept the audience active with Scottish Country Dances, accompanied by Hamilton Rant guitar & fiddle duo Robin & Brian Shaylor and drummer Sandy MacKenzie.

Then the Hamilton Rant energized the audience with a medley of hand-clapping tunes.

The Hamilton Rant, with Sandy

Sandy MacKenzie, accompanied by Hamilton Rant, highlighted the life of Robert Burns. Sandy impressed the audience with his friendly jokes and songs, including "Life's Too Short for Worry" and "Waggle of the Kilt".

Troubadour Bart Moore

Bart Moore crooned Robert Burns' songs "Green Grow the Rashes" and "My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose", dedicating the songs to distant cousin Susan Shaw, and Marge van Nus.

The McMulligans pipe and drum band treated guests to their stirring music. Pipers Ron Jerabek and Travis Nelson, and drummers Linda Mae Dennis and Patrick Hogan, led the Grand March and rang the room with their melodies. Ron presented the "Pipe Talk" with the introduction, "I want to answer one question that I know is on everyone's mind. It's a question that people have been asking men in kilts since the beginning of time. And that is of course ... how do the bagpipes work?!" He disassembled his bagpipe to reveal its inner workings and demonstrated how to bring the drone into tune.

Guests entered a drawing to win quality gift baskets and prizes generously donated by local businesses and individuals.

The McMulligans

The program concluded with everyone singing the traditional "Auld Lang Syne".

Volunteers enjoyed the camaraderie of planning this complex event. Thank you to event chair Susan Shaw, John Shaw, Geri Stuart, Robert Stuart, Alasdair Stuart, Duncan Stuart, Liza Halpenny, Tom Halpenny, Martin MacKenzie, Eunice MacKenzie, Katharine MacKenzie, Don Morrison, Marie Morrison, Bonnie Swenson, Carolyn Tanner, Dina Shaylor, Victoria MacKenzie, and Valérie Moore.

Thank you to all who supported the "Scottish Afternoon" with your attendance, entertainment, and volunteer contributions. The proceeds from this fundraiser will do much to support the education of Scottish Country Dance in our community.

Winter Dance Potpourri
by Liza Halpenny
Estonian twirls...
...and musicians!

Was it just me, or was that evening a blast? On Saturday, February 17, around 50 people "mixed it up," learning folk dances from seven different countries. Geri Stuart warmed up the crowd with a Scottish Country Dance. Then, guest instructors shared their talents, including live music for the Estonian dances.

These are the types of dances we learned, along with the instructors: Scottish, Geri Stuart; Polish, Marek Stepien; Israeli, Eric Singer; Line, Andy Chumbley; Irish, Alyson Williams; Tirolean, Don Gertz; Estonian, Liina Teose.

Tirolean pattycake

The dancers were full of energy, willing to try new things, including the "heads on each other's shoulders, fannies sticking out" advanced move in one Estonian dance. On the other side of the coin, it was also enjoyable to find familiar figures in many of the dance forms. People didn't want to leave at 10:00, but insisted on staying to learn Don Gertz's final Tirolean dance, which featured high speed pattycake hand clapping. Our dear Oslo Waltz rounded out the evening.

One of the best parts of the event for me, as MC, was meeting and working with people from other folk dance traditions. Learning more about each other's cultures is an important first step to bringing peace to the world. The enthusiastic vote from everyone present was, "We want to do this again!"

New Variable-Speed CD Player Makes its Debut

Vancouver USA SCD is pleased to announce the purchase of a new variable-speed CD player. The Board wishes to thank Don Morrison who thought of creating a special fund for this and made the first donation. Others who contributed were Tom Halpenny, Kris Wells, Stephen Hui, Cynthia Soohoo, and Van Meter Hord. The Board would like to thank all the other dancers who through their participation at various events throughout the year made it possible for the group as a whole to make up the difference between the special fund's total and the cost of the machine. With the many classes being taught, this new CD player is a welcomed addition. "Thank you" to Geri Stuart for arranging its purchase.


Calendar of Events

Mar 10: Portland 28th Annual Workshop and Ball
Music by Calum MacKinnon and Lisa Scott

Teachers: Rebecca Blackhall-Peters and Charles Ryer

The Workshop (9:30am to 4:00pm) and Ball (7:30pm) will both be held at
Masonic Friendship Center
5625 NE Alameda St.
Portland, OR
The Program:
      Roaring Jelly               BJ Foss: Glendarroch Sheets
      Saint John's of Abbeydale   BR Sheaf Book, Sheffield Branch 1997
      Rose of the North           IS Leeds: Silver Jubilee 25
      Festival Fling              IR Book 44 #7
      Teacher's Choice Jig       BIJ 
      Hunter's Moon               IJ Drewry:Bankhead Bk Part 3
      The Lover's Knot            BS Book 8 #4
      Teacher's Choice Reel      BIR 
      The Waggle of the Kilt      IJ Cosh: 22 SCD
      The Trysting Place          IS Book 35 #6
      Round Reel of Eight         BR Book 27 #7
      Campbel's Frolic            BJ Book 15 #3
      Sarona                      IS Drewry
      The Australian Ladies       IR Campbell: Glasgow Assembly
      Bruce's Men                 BS Goldring: Scotia Suite
      Mairi's Wedding            BIR Cosh: 22 SCD
For more information, contact
Debbie McRobert 503-620-3034
Mar 30: Alasdair Fraser in Concert
Washington Center for the Arts
512 Washington St. SE
Olympia, WA.

For more information, check the Center's webpage at www.washingtoncenter.org, or call them at 360.753.8585.
Apr 14: Portland Dance Party
Tigard Grange 13770 SW Pacific Hwy., Tigard, OR. 7:30PM
$4 at the door.
May 12: Portland Dance Party
Tigard Grange 13770 SW Pacific Hwy., Tigard, OR. 7:30PM
$4 at the door.
May 19: A-May-Zing Dance
An A-May-Zing Night!

Dinner at 6pm at the historic Hidden House in Downtown Vancouver (limited seating, reservations required by May 9th!)

Then a piper will lead us in a Grand March a few blocks from the restaurant to the Dance at 8pm at The Columbia Dance Center, 1700 Broadway.

Live music provided by Lisa Scott, piano; Linda Danielson, fiddle; and Fred Wilson.

Click here to download the reservation form in PDF format, or call Marge McLeod van Nus 360-892-4366.

The Program:
      Good Hearted Glasgow    (J)  leaflet
      Miss Isabella  McLeod   (S)  RSCDS Bk 25
      Kiss Me Quick Me Mither's Coming  (R)  RSCDS Bk 12

      Two and Two             (J)  RSCDS Bk 19
      Wedding At Roche Harbor (S)  WA State Centennial
      Davy Nick Nack          (R)  Glasgow Assembly  

      The Frisky              (J)  RSCDS Bk 26
      Mrs. Hamilton of Wishaw (S)  RSCDS Bk 23
      Mrs. MacLeod            (R)  RSCDS Bk 6

      Starry Eyed Lassie      (J)  RSCDS Bk 23
      Balquidder Strathspey   (S)  RSCDS Bk 24
      Ha! Ha! The Wooin O'It  (R)  RSCDS Miss Milligan's Miscellany Vol. 1

      C'est L' Amour          (J)  RSCDS Bk 34
      The Star                (S)  RSCDS Bk 28
      De'il Amang the Tailors (R)  RSCDS Bk 14
Sep 21-23: Fort Worden Weekend
RSCDS Seattle Branch's Annual Weekend Workshop and Ball

Deby Grosjean (fiddle), Calumn MacKinnon (fiddle), Andy Imbrie (piano), Ralph Gordon (cello, bass)

Helen Frame (Ayrshire, Scotland), Irene Paterson (Mukilteo, WA), Fred DeMarse (Alameda, CA), Arthur McNair (Pittsburgh, PA)

Watch for your Fort Worden application in April, or check the website for an online application: www.rscds-seattle.org

Kilt ... is what happened to the last guy that called it a skirt!

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