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January/February 2008

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Coming Up, Briefly
  • Some classes have begun, and others will very shortly. Check the calendar entry for January 8,11,16 for details!
  • Very locally, we have the Folk Dance Potpourri coming up Feb 23rd. This was immensely popular last year, and a lot of folks are looking forward to it again this year.
  • March 29th will be our 2nd annual Scottish Afternoon event, which was also very popular last year.
  • April 19th has been reserved for our 24th annual Dinner Dance. It will be held at a new venue this year, St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Vancouver. Other details are still being finalized, so reserve the date!
  • South of the river, the Portland branch will be holding their 29th annual Workshop and Ball on March 1st this year -- that is the first Saturday in March. Most of the details are in the calendar.
  • Give the calendar a good looking over -- there are lots of dancing events to get you in shape for the workshops and Balls noted above. You may notice that even Fort Worden is on the radar now!
Manager's Message
by LindaMae Dennis

One of the things we Scottish Country Dancers have in common is that we want to stay happy and healthy and continue dancing well into our nineties (at least!). We are so lucky to have found a way to get exercise for both our bodies and our brains. Not to mention that we get to do our 'work-outs' to really great music and in a way that engages us so thoroughly that we have no time to stress about our daily lives. In a class or at a dance, we are insulated in a little pocket of harmony and good will. Well, most of the time.

We all know intellectually that Scottish Country Dancing is a team sport. We depend on our set-mates to help us when we need it, and believe me, we all need it at some time or another. Everyone has experienced the bewildering feeling when his or her brain suddenly and unexpectedly decides to take a holiday. As partners and set-mates, we give a look, a gesture, or a helpful word that keeps everyone on track. And although a guiding hand is always welcome, we do not shove, push, or otherwise physically move another person to where we want them. In the same way, a verbal encouragement, "this way", "right shoulder to me (touching your own right shoulder to clarify)", or quietly naming the next figure "ladies chain", is also welcome, especially when you see the bewildered my-brain-has-suddenly-and-unexpectedly-taken-a-holiday look on a teammate's face. And in the hurly burly of a dance gone wrong, we all need to be careful to keep an encouraging tone in our voices. A loud or impatient tone that carries with it the implication that a particular person is ruining the dance equates to verbal shoving, and can be far more damaging than physical shoving. Now the bewildered dancer is both bewildered and flustered, and that never makes for clear thinking. Better to keep the big picture in mind: with all the real problems in the world, a confused dancer is hardly something to get worked up over. Better to have a good laugh together and try again.

Please do try, in this season of peace, and throughout the year, to be always encouraging, and never impatient or critical. Remember that if we intend to dance well into our nineties, we will need other people to dance with. And while the world rages around us, we will always have our alcove of harmony and good will that we all built together, where we can be happy, healthy, and stress free.

Best wishes to all of you for a happy, healthy and stress free (well okay, prosperous too) New Year, and most of all, lots of Dancing!


Calendar of Events

Jan 8,11,16, 2008: Vancouver Classes Begin!

Basic and Intermediate Scottish Country Dance classes begin Wednesday, January 16, 7:45-9:15pm at the Marshall Center. You can call Vancouver-Clark Parks & Rec at 696-8236 to register via credit card.

Following is an updated excerpt from the course catalog at: http://www.ci.vancouver.wa.us/parks-recreation/catalog/adultenrichmentwest.pdf

Basic Scottish Country Dance Learn the basic steps and foundations of a fun, spirited form of dance to lively Scottish Music. Partners not necessary and all are welcome. Instructor: Liza Halpenny. Marshall Center Elm room. 8 wks.

W          7:45-9:15pm   $39

45503    1/16-3/5          45504    3/12-4/30

Intermediate Scottish Country Dance A social way to fitness for all who are familiar with the basics. Be ready to enjoy evenings of Scottish Dance to live music anytime, anywhere. Instructor, Marge McLeod van Nus. Marshall Center Oak room. 8 wks.

W          7:45-9:15pm   $39

45505    1/16-3/5          45506    3/12-4/30

Family Basic Scottish Country Dance class begins Friday, January 11, 7:30-8:55pm at the Firstenburg Community Center. You can call Vancouver-Clark Parks & Rec at 487-7001 to register via credit card.

Following is an updated excerpt from the course catalog at: http://www.ci.vancouver.wa.us/parks-recreation/catalog/adultenrichmenteast.pdf

Family Scottish Country Dance - Basic Basic steps and foundations of fun, spirited Scottish Country Dance. Invite your whole family, no partner needed. Instructor Geri Stuart, Firstenburg Community Center Aerobics/Dance studio. 8 wks.

F            7:30-8:55pm     $40

45244    1/11-2/29          45245    3/7-4/25

For Camas/Washougal area residents we have a Family Basic Scottish Country Dance class, 7:00-8:30pm via East County Community Education. Call Geri at 360-834-3757 for more info.

Level 3 Scottish Country Dance For the dancer who has a thorough knowledge and competent performance of common formations, who dances with good phrasing, teamwork, and handing, and who needs only one walkthrough. Columbia Dance Center, 1700 Broadway, Vancouver. 2nd and 4th Tuesdays every month beginning January 8, 7:30-8:30 pm, $3.00 per session. Info and registration (required), contact Marge, or (360) 892-4366.

Scottish/Celtic Step Dance Have fun learning enjoyable dances using steps drawn from traditional Scottish, Irish, Cape Breton and American Tap. Personalized training. Beginners welcome. Columbia Dance Center, 1700 Broadway, Vancouver. 1st and 3rd Tuesdays every month beginning January 15, 7:30-8:30 pm, $4.00 per session. Info and registration, contact Linda Mae, or (360) 609-0623.

Jan 12: Portland Hogmanay Dance and Social
7:30pm Tigard Grange, 13770 SW Pacific Hwy., Tigard. Dancing and parlor games!

Feb 9: Portland SCD Dance Party
7:30pm Tigard Grange, 13770 SW Pacific Hwy., Tigard.
Dance program: (not in order)
  Petronella                      BR  Bk  1 #1
  The Sailor                      BR  Bk 24 #4
  Red House                       IR  Bk  7 #2
  General Stuart's Reel           IR  Bk 10 #3
  Mrs. Stewart's Jig              BJ  Bk 35 #1
  The Laird of Milton's Daughter  BJ  Bk 22 #10
  Stanford Swing                  IJ  Devil's Quandry
  Loch Katrine                    IJ  Cosh
  Winstanley House                BS  LAD2  #56
  Neidpath Castle                 BS  Bk 22 #9
  Asilomar Romantic               IS  San Francisco Col.
  The Expert Dancer               IS  Campbell
Feb 23: Folk Dance Potpourri
A great fun way to sample the folk dance traditions of many cultures. Rudy Luepke Center, 1009 E. McLoughlin Blvd. Vancouver, WA (behind the Marshall Center). 7:30-10pm. More details as they become available.
Mar 1: Portland RSCDS 29th Annual Workshop and Ball
Where: Masonic Friendship Center, 5625 NE Alameda St, Portland, OR 97213
Time: Workshop 9:30am, Ball 7:30pm.
Teachers: Bruce Herbold, Ruth Jappy
Musicians: Cali McKasson, Ryan McKasson, and Lisa Scott

The Program:
    Kendall's Hornpipe     BJ  Graded Bk
    Mrs. Johnstone of Ardrossan   IR  Goldring
    Neidpath Castle        BIS Bk 22 #9
    General Stuart's Reel  IR  Bk 10 #3
    Teacher's Choice       BJ/R
    White Heather Jig            IJ  Cosh
    The Pleasure of Her Company  BS
    Shiftin Bobbins        BR  Clowes
    Ladies' Fancy          BJ  Bk 13 #12
    Expert Dancer          IS  Campbell
    The Laird of Milton's Daughter  BJ  Bk 22 #10
    Quarrie's Jig          IJ  Bk 36 #3
    Bridge of Nairn        BS  Bk 13 #1
    The Sailor             BR  Bk 24 #4
    Mrs. Milne of Kineff   IS  Leaflet
    The De'il Amang the Tailors  BR  Bk 14 #7
For more info, contact Don Gertz .
Mar 29: A Scottish Afternoon
A celebration of Tartan Day! More details as they become available.
Apr 12: Portland SCD Dance Party
7:30pm Tigard Grange, 13770 SW Pacific Hwy., Tigard. $5.
Apr 19: VancouverUSA 24th Annual Dinner Dance
"Bumbershoots and Wellies"
Music by Lisa Scott, Linda Danielson, Leslie Hirsch
The Program:
    Lady Catherine Bruce's Reel  J Graded Book #7
    Braes of Breadalbane  S  Bk 21 #7
    The Apple Tree        R  Wetherly Bk 4

    The Cutty Sark        J  Bk 40 #2
    Strathglass House     S  Bk 13 #9
    Australian Ladies     R  Glasgow Assembly

    Ladies' Fancy         J  Bk 13 #12
    Linnea's Strathspey   S  Tim Wilson, 2001
    Fidget                R  Bk 16 #1

    Miss Anderson of Hobart  J  Ruby Anniv. Coll. (Vancouver Branch)
    From Scotia's Shores We're Noo Awa'  S  Leaflet 
    The Tattie Bogle      J  First Carnforth Coll.

    The Lady Wynd         J  Goldring 
    Glasglow Lasses       S  Bk 34 #3
    Tam O'Shanter         R  Let's All Dance, Too
More information will be available shortly. Keep checking back!
May 9-11: Perl Holmberg Workshop for Teachers and Musicians
Vancouver, BC.
May 10: Thistle Ball
Vancouver, BC.
Sep 12-14: Fort Worden 2008, Annual Workshop and Ball
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