Volume 24 #6
The Scottish Country Dancer
May/June 2008

Articles in This Issue
The Brief News from Kentucky
Notice of Annual General Meeting The Scottish Country Dance 'Cultural Exchange' Continues
Testimonials of a Scottish Afternoon Calendar of Events
The Brief

Here are a few of the many activities coming up the next couple of months:

  • May 17-18, Pomeroy History Farm Herb Festival
  • The AGM will be May 28th -- exciting changes! Read on...
  • July 13, Vancouver USA Summer Picnic at Fallen Leaf Lake!

For more information on these events, see the articles below and/or the Calendar.

Notice of Annual General Meeting
by Linda Mae Dennis

The Annual General Meeting of the Vancouver USA Scottish Country Dancers will be held at Marshall Center in the Oak/Elm Room at 9:00pm on Wednesday, May 28th. There are important changes to discuss, so please plan to attend.

Agenda -
  • Quorum
  • Accept the Minutes from the past AGM - Secretary
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Teacher's Report - Teachers' Representative
  • Committee Reports, if any - Web/Newsletter, Publicity, Outreach
  • Manager's Report
  • Elections
  • The nominating committee has proposed the following slate of officers:
  • Manager - Linda Mae Dennis
  • Vice Manager - Susan Shaw
  • Treasurer - Van Hord
  • Secretary - Gail Esparza
  • Additional nominations may be accepted from the floor.
  • Old Business
  • New Business
  • Become a Branch
  • Become a 501(c)(3)
  • Review / amend the Articles of Incorporation
  • Review / amend the Bylaws
  • Transition the Board
  • Adjourn
Important New Business

The current Committee of Management for the Vancouver USA Scottish Country Dancers decided unanimously that it would be in the best interest of our group to attain Federal non-profit status - that is, to become a 501(c)(3) Corporation.

We also decided that it would be in our best interest to become a full Branch of the RSCDS. Becoming a Branch of the RSCDS will make the 501(c)(3) application easier, and will make things far less confusing and more streamlined with regard to RSCDS membership. (We were not eligible to become a Branch previously, as we needed at least two Certificated Teachers to do so. We now meet that requirement.)

Becoming a 501(c)(3) Corporation will make it easier for us to work with other non-profits, and easier for other Corporations and individuals to make tax-deductible donations to our group.

The first step in this process was to write two new documents, the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws. These documents were attached to the original email announcing the AGM, and are included with this paper copy of the newsletter -- for your review.

Please note that we imagined our new Branch as serving all of Southwest Washington State (Camas, Vancouver, Battle Ground, Ridgefield, and Kelso/Longview for the moment, and possibly more places in the future). We have written into the Articles the possibility for sub-groups (like the Vancouver USA Scottish Country Dancers) to exist within the Branch. The current Articles of Association for the Vancouver USA Scottish Country Dancers are also attached.

In order to make the transition from the Associated Group, that we are now, to a Branch of the RSCDS, which we propose to do in the coming year, we will likely vote whether to allow the current Committee of Management to continue as the first Management Board of the new Branch.

I'm looking forward to seeing you there.

Testimonials of a Scottish Afternoon

[The following comments are from emails, from Cynthia Soohoo, and Van Hord]

Hi, Susan, Marge, and all,

Susan and Marge did a super job planning the who, what, where, when, and how of Come Away to Brigadoon! Special thanks for all their behind-the-scenes work!

The ticket sales and whole raffle process were handled with efficiency and hospitality. I saw the friendly faces of Van, Liza, Susan, and Tom manning their stations in the lobby, and Fred seemed to be greeter-at-large. Valerie and Linda Mae donated lovely baskets.

The variety, order, and pacing of the program were very good, and MC Robert provided smooth transitions with a touch of humor. The performance team sailed through despite not having had a practice with everyone. Geri and Liza handled the audience-participation dancing with enthusiasm, clear instruction, sensitivity to the dancers, and quick thinking, especially when the one poor gentleman needed assistance off the dance floor. Of course, it's always a pleasure to hear Sandy! People obviously enjoyed Bart's Brigadoon songs. (Stephen was amazed that some in the audience knew the songs well enough to sing along, because he himself had never heard of the musical before this event!) And Bart's high C really brought the house down!

Martin was everywhere, on the lookout for a good photo. Glad someone was thinking to capture some memories!

There seemed to be plenty of refreshments -- smart planning, as well as attractive serving, no doubt the handiwork of John, Liza, Geri, and the several others I saw going in and out of the kitchen, more than I could name, not forgetting the shortbread bakers, like Corinne (or Michael?). Yes, the McLeod shortbread was a hit! My allergic little girl couldn't resist a bite of her sister's piece!

Thanks again to chairs Susan and Marge for organizing us all to pull off a fun and memorable afternoon!

[and from Van]

I invited four of my friends to come to our "Scottish Afternoon". They had such a wonderful time. All loved all the dancing, singing, and music: piano, fiddle, harp, bagpipes. One told me that when Nathaniel played his slow piece, it was so moving it brought tears to her eyes. It was so kind of you, Cynthia, and your family to help make the day such a success. Afterwards I went to Portland to visit the four who had come to the event. They had a DVD of 'Brigadoon' playing when I arrived. (I had heard of Brigadoon but had never seen it; they cautioned me that I would need tissues when I watched it in its entirety.) They had joined in that afternoon and were singing at home.

News from Kentucky

For those of you who haven't heard, one of our former SCD group members - Isaac Wilder - is getting married! June 28th! His fiancée's name is also Gale (different spelling). I'm sure we can put our heads together to come up with an appropriate gift. He hasn't found a close SCD group but at least is dancing - line dancing. He may also be here in August - I'm waiting to find out when. Maybe we could have a ceilidh? More news as it comes.

The Scottish Country Dance 'Cultural Exchange' Continues
by Tom Halpenny

The Oregon High Desert Celtic Dancers sent eight dancers to our April 19th Dinner Dance. We enjoyed dancing with them and making new friends. Our big dance event with yummy dinner and wonderful musicians is more fun and financially viable when shared with visiting dancers.

The SCD cultural exchange that I wrote about last November continues. We were honored to welcome Fred Kowolowski, Diana Eddleston, Deby Falconer, Hazel Ryan, Terri Bilyeu, Todd West, Brian Wilson, and Anya Picard.

If you enjoyed dancing with our friends from Bend/Redmond, then please think about attending their Workshop and Ball on October 11, 2008.

Their dance weekend has several features:


Pleasant drive across the mountains and high desert to Bend, Oregon.
Opportunity for a side trip to explore the area.  
Home stay with dancers and make new friends.
A fun and educational dance workshop.
Get dressed up and attend a restaurant dinner before the Ball.
The Ball with "A Scottish Heart" live music. 
After-party to visit with our friends.
Sunday: Farewell breakfast and light dancing in Sisters, Oregon, then continue home.

I look forward to having several of you join me for a fun weekend of dance and developing friendships with the Oregon High Desert Celtic Dancers.


Calendar of Events

May 9-11: Perl Holmberg Workshop for Teachers and Musicians
Presented by the RSCDS Vancouver Branch, in Vancouver, BC.
Teachers and Musicians Focusing Their Skills
Teachers and Musicians Learning Together
Full registration includes attendance at the Thistle Ball on Saturday Evening
Music by Neil Copland and his Scottish Dance Band

Teachers and Teachers in Training If you have your Full Certificate, have started training to be an RSCDS teacher, or regularly teach, this workshop is for you. Come and share the excitement of working with your peers under the tutelage of one of Scotland's top teachers. Then join with the musicians and their teachers for an opportunity to learn how to use music most effectively for dancing.

Musicians If you can play your musical instrument proficiently, have a basic knowledge of harmony and are interested in playing for Scottish Country Dancing, this unique opportunity is for you. Come and learn from a couple of Scotland's best musicians and then experience the excitement of applying your new knowledge when you join the teachers for combined classes.

For more information contact Fran Caruth, , or visit the Vancouver Branch Web-site, www.rscdsvancouver.org.
May 10: Portland SCD Dance Party
7:30pm Tigard Grange, 13770 SW Pacific Hwy., Tigard. Live music!.
May 10: Thistle Ball
Thistle Ball - Buffet Supper & Dance

Squamish Nations Recreation Centre, North Vancouver, BC
Saturday evening, 6:00 or 6:30 pm
with Neil Copland and His Band from Scotland
Tickets $75 on sale in February
May 17, 18: Pomeroy History Farm Herb Festival
Pomeroy House Living History Farm
Admission is free, donations accepted. Sat. 10 a.m. - 5 p.m., Sun. 1-5 p.m.
See their website: http://www.pomeroyfarm.org
June 5: Battle Ground Summer Session Starts
8 weeks Family Class (ages 8-adult)
Thursday nights, 7:00-8:15 p.m.
June 5 - July 31 (no class July 3)
Maple Grove School small gym
See Battle Ground Community Education catalog at http://www.bgsd.k12.wa.us/cmd/
or call BGCE at 360-885-6584
Instructor: Liza Halpenny 360-887-1888
June 28: Puget Sound Crossroads Party
The Puget Sound Crossroads Party will be Saturday June 28th, 2008, at the Grange Hall atop the hill in Friday Harbour. This is a week later than the last few years. We expect to begin the party around 1pm and finish around 4:30pm - all dependent on the ferry system!

Since its inception many years ago, this dance party has been a joint venture between the Seattle Branch and the Friday Harbor dancers. More details later as plans evolve.

July 13: Vancouver USA Summer Picnic
11:00am - to 6:00pm, lunch at 1pm.
Location: Fallen Leaf Lake, in Camas.
Horse shoes, volleyball or badminton; plus trails, water, electricity, shelter, grills, etc. Canoes, rafts, and other floatables are welcome.
Reserve the date, and keep checking back for more info.
Sep 12-14: Fort Worden 2008, Annual Workshop and Ball
Musicians: Deby Grosjean (fiddle), Calum MacKinnon (fiddle), Muriel Johnstone (piano), Ralph Gordon (cello, bass)

Teachers: Eric Finley (Ayrshire, Scotland), Ruth Jappy (Delta, BC), Marjorie McLaughlin (San Diego, CA), Geoffrey Selling (Philadelphia, PA)

Classes in SCD, Intro to Old Time Dancing, English Country Dance, and Scottish stories and dances from the Supernatural.

Watch for your Fort Worden application in April, or check their website: www.rscds-seattle.org.
Oct 4-5: Pomeroy Historic Farm Pumpkin Festival

In the highlands, in the country places,
Where the old men have rosy faces,
And the young maidens
Quiet eyes.
- Robert Louis Stevenson

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