RSCDS Southwest Washington State Branch - Who We Are

Our group, the Southwest Washington State Branch of the worldwide Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (and formerly known as Vancouver USA Scottish Country Dancers), covers the southwest corner of Washington. We schedule regular classes around the county. Our group occasionally performs demonstration dances. We also sponsor three annual dance parties with live music. During the Summer we may get together periodically for social dancing as arranged within the group. Call 360-887-1888 for information.

Our group devised the Washington State Tartan in 1988, in time to commemorate the Washington State Centennial celebrations in 1989. (During these celebrations we danced at the state capitol.) The Tartan Bill recognizing the new tartan was signed into law in 1991, making the Washington State Tartan the first official state tartan west of the Mississippi. The tartan is also registered with the Scottish Tartan Society.

In addition, we have assembled several books of original Scottish Country Dances. These books are described on our "Books and Items of Interest" page.

Our Mission

The objectives of our Branch, from our Articles of Incorporation:

  • To preserve and promote the practice, appreciation, and enjoyment of traditional Scottish Country Dancing and its music by any means possible.
  • To provide or assist in providing special education or instruction in the practice of Scottish Country Dancing.
  • Generally, to do such things as the Branch may consider to further the foregoing objectives within Southwest Washington and, if possible, beyond.
  • Our Branch is organized exclusively for educational or charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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